Boutique Consignment for Babies, Kids & Mommies to be
Boutique Consignment                    for           Babies, Kids & Mommies to be

**  We are always in need of high chairs: full size and booster, pack'n'plays, toys, and quality furniture! **

Consignment Policy

Clothing accepted

Monday-Friday  11-4

Saturday   by appointment


Furniture & Equipment

Monday-Friday 11-4

Saturday & Sunday by appointment


We look through your consignment while you wait.

If you donate what we can't use, you can always just drop off and go.

We donate to the Washington County Foster Closet!


  • Wash all items before you bring them in and take a good look over your items.  Don't bring items that are stained, have any odor, buttons missing, broken snaps or holes. 
  • Fold items neatly and place in box or paper bag
  • We accept brand name items. We are always looking for Hanna Andersson, Mini Boden, Janie & Jack, Gymboree, Gap and Crew cuts.  Please no Walmart or Target brands. 
  • Only bring in items that are appropriate to the current selling season.  We accept items for:

Spring- Jan, Feb, March
Summer- April, May, June  (we won't be accepting clothing July 1st-14th)
Fall- July, Aug, Sept
Winter-October, November, December

Items sell best if you bring them in at the start of our season!  For example if you wait to bring in your winter items until December, your clothing will not sell as well as if you bring them in October. 


Don't forget we accept Maternity clothing.  Maternity must have been purchased within 4yrs. 



  • Toys should be wiped down.  Please make sure there are no spills, stains, dirt, etc.
  • If the toy operates with batteries, please make sure they are working. 
  • Toys with many pieces need to be in zip lock baggies or containers to be left at store.  Puzzles will need to be in baggies.  If they are large puzzles, we can provide baggies. 


  • Make sure your items are clean, wiped down and free of spills, stains, dust, dirt, etc.
  • If your equipment needs batteries, they need to be included and working.
  • Make sure all the pieces are included.


Your item is priced to sell quick.  Knowing the market, we get the best price for your item! 



You will recieve 40% for any item that sells for under $25

You will recieve 50% for any item that sells over $25

You will recieve 60% for any item that sell for over $200

Baby To Baby


8685 sw Canyon Rd

Portland Or 97225

Baby to Baby
8685 SW Canyon RD

Portland, OR 97225

Phone: 503 2966055



Store Hours

Monday-Saturday    10-5


      Sunday             11-4

Consignment Hours

Clothing accepted

Monday-Friday  11-4

Saturday   by appointment


Furniture & Equipment

Monday-Friday 11-4

Saturday & Sunday by appointment

Weekly Sales

We always have something on sale!  

Better than that we have store wide sales too. 

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